Virginia chiefs meet with English visitors at pow wow

CHARLES CITY, Va. – British dignitaries visited six of Virginia;s state-recognized tribes earlier this month to acknowledge that Great Britain considered the tribes to be sovereign nations hundreds of years ago.

By Bobbie Whitehead
Indian Country Today, May 2005

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2 Responses to Virginia chiefs meet with English visitors at pow wow

  1. John Fox says:


    I have been living at the foot of a large mound in Culpeper County, Virginia which is called Mount Pony (Mattaponi?). I have never been able to find out an official reason for the name of the mound.
    Over the years my growing son found a number of arrow heads in this area. The arrow heads are made from a white quartz type of mineral.
    Might this be the location of a long forgotten Mattaponi village?

    Just wondering,

    John F. Fox

    • bbell says:

      I think it’s unlikely. The name Mattaponi is derived from the four rivers in Spotsylvania County: the Mat, the Ta, the Po and the Ni (see the Wikipedia entry). To the best of my knowledge, the Mattaponi and Upper Mattaponi have never maintained villages anywhere other than their current locations.

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