Upper Mattaponi members restoring a community cornerstone

Ken Adams spent 10 years in classes at a one-story brick school building on state Route 30 in King William County. Forty-five years later, Adams, 63, is back at Sharon Indian School, helping to renovate the last Indian public school building in Virginia.

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4 Responses to Upper Mattaponi members restoring a community cornerstone

  1. Carolyn Adams Gershowitz Lewis says:

    The mailing address for the Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe is P.O. Box 184, King William, Virginia 23086.

  2. Conni says:

    I would like more information on how to contact the upper mattaponi Tribe? My Grandfather is 100% indian and he was a has passed, my mother is part of the Pocohis Tribe but I am not sure where to go to be recognized by them? Please help me and tell me what site I have to log on or what phone number I have to call to get recognized, I would like to get more involved with this, My mother told me there where benefits that I could be getting and I would like to know more about this if you could help me? I also have two children and I would like to get them involved too, Thank You for your time and Thank you for you help in finding the answers I need to know, Have a Great Day and I look forward to your letter soon :)

  3. Gertrude Henderson says:

    My great grand father was a native american chief in the richmond virginia norfolk disputanta area my father was born in 1939 so his grandfather was a chief who honored (not pray) the sun. The tribe my family is from use to save the pony tail of the men in the family and place it in a plague which was stolen. Please give me some suggestions on where I can look for information

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