Annual Pow-Wow & Festival
May 26-27, 2018

Virginia Women in History 2010
March 25, 2010

Molly Wade Adams of the Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe is being honored by The Library of Virginia during their celebration of Women’s History Month.

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  1. Sandra Whittemore says:

    I have a brochure for a Pow-wow- on June 18th, 2016 at the Mattaponi Indian reservation– What is the difference between the one on Memorial Day?

    • Brenda says:

      That’s a different Pow-Wow. The one happening Memorial Day weekend is the Upper Mattaponi Pow-Wow.

      • Sandra Whittemore says:

        so are there two different tribal groups– Upper Mattaponi Pow-wow is for what tribal group vs the one June 18th- are both groups representing the same people?

        • Brenda says:

          There are two tribes: Upper Mattaponi and Mattaponi. Each tribe has its own reservation and pow-wow. The pow-wow on the 18th is for the Mattaponi.

      • Barb Keating says:

        Do we have to pay admission for each day. Or is our entrance fee cost good for both days? Thanks so much. B.

  2. Glenda Booth says:

    Please send me info on your spring powwow and festival? I’d like to write an article about it.

    Glenda Booth
    Freelance Writer

    • Brenda says:

      The Pow-Wow is held every year over Memorial Day Weekend at the tribal grounds across the street from the Indian View Baptist Church on Route 360.

  3. Laura dungee says:

    Hello my name is laura dungee and my grandfather was Rudolph dungee son of Sam dungee and I was interested in coming to the pow wow this year. .. my 7 year old son is very interested in his heritage. And I figured this would be a good place to start. I am just having trouble finding the location of the event!

  4. Jo Ann Bolden Bonod says:

    I am seeking any information available on Carrie Custalow, my great, great grandmother. She would have been married to Thomas Pearson, late 1800s. I have tried searching everywhere. My grandmother remembers her as the most loving, and most beautiful, woman that she ever met. Thank you so much, jo

  5. Mr. Robin R. Shavers says:

    Will the Mattaponi Nation be having it’s annual Memorial Day weekend celebration pow wow this weekend on the grounds west of West Point? Contact me via phone ASAP about this. 804-282-0329. THANX

  6. jennifer polisano ad says:

    Rosemary my email is .

    Added by moderator:

    Rosemary, if you would like to have jennifer’s email address, please reply to this comment and I’ll try to connect you.

  7. beverly withers says:

    please let me know of any up coming events.

  8. Leslie Dobson says:

    Hello Gale,
    this is in response to the question regarding Elizabeth Custalow. She is my great Aunt, sister of the late Elsie Newton Hamlin of Stafford County. Elizabeth , or “Yed”, as she was known by family, passed away and is laid to rest in Fredericksburg, Va at Sunsrt Memorial Gardens, very close by her dear sister Elsie & brother-in-law Lawrence Hamlin.
    If you need anything else, I’d be happy to help if I can.

  9. Gale Savage says:

    I am seeking information on Elizabeth Custalow, who was married, at one time, to the Chief of the Mattaponi Reservation. Is she still alive. The last time I saw her was in 1996 at her home on the reservaation. Any information would be appreciated.



  10. Jamie Ware-Jondreau says:

    Hello Chief:
    This is Jamie. Would love to come visit and perhaps dance this year at the pow wow. Miss the drum considerably and would be honored if I could sit by the drums. Missing Bob something aweful so is Meno. Plan to bring firends. Want to know if I could dance there and come to visit. I want to thank you for attending Bob’s funeral. As I said I never missed any of my people more than now and plan to move to the area when Meno starts college in 2 years. Just saying Hi. Not sure if Roland or Margaret or any elders are there. Say hi to all.
    Best to you.

  11. Barbara A. Mastic says:

    Hello to All:

    I am very much interested in asking your permission to attend this year’s Tax Tribute in Richmond. Is it possible that I might be a respectful observer to this most reverent events? I am a Norfolk school teacher and plan to take the day off from school as I also will be visiting my daughter who is a local chef in Richmond as well.

    Most Sincerely,


  12. Ken says:

    David, I knew Jessee very well, as well as many of his family members. Come out to our Pow Wow on May 26th and 27th and meet some of your relatives.

  13. David Dungee says:

    I am Jesse Dungee’s oldest son and I have really lost my roots and am looking for help to reconnect. I am proud to say that I am native American however I don;t know a whole lot about it all.

  14. barb skidmore says:

    We share the same Sizemore lineage. I am interested in the pictures you mentioned in your comments. Would you be willing to share them ?

  15. Monica Crimmins says:

    I have traced my lineage back to a George Sizemore of a tribe in Virginia. I believe he was Mattaponi. George was born in Montgomery County Virginia. Is there anyway for me to find out? His father was Edward “Old Ned” Sizemore. Any help would be great. I just want to find out more about him as I have all of my other ancestors. He’s one of the few early ancestors I have pictures of and for some reason he just intrigues me.



  16. Barbara Ellen Laney says:

    I enjoy reading about people that have helped to shape America. Virginia is a wonderful state to have been a vital part of my own life. Growing up at Jamestown, Va helped me to grow as a woman, but a strong woman from my mother’s teachings that I have taken with me into my adult life. Still today, I think about her strong will and determination to achieve goals in this life. My mother is my hero in this life, that taught me about life, not sugar coating any of it. I am proud to read about women that been a part of Native American history and of the hardships people have lived. Thank you for such an opportunity to read about these strong people.
    Your friend,
    Barbara Ellen Laney

    • bbell says:

      Thanks so much for the comment. Molly was my grandmother and we’re all quite proud of her.

      • Rosemary Haddock says:

        Was Bernard W. Adams a relative of yours? His father’s name was Cleveland Lee Adams and his mothers name was Lucy Jane Dungee Adams. Please disregard this post comment if those names are not familiar to you.

        Thank you,

        Rosemary Matthews Haddock

        • jen polisano-adams says:

          bernard is my grandfather, my mother’s father, and yes he is related. he lived in the house on the hill right above the church and the indian view school.

          • jen polisano-adams says:

            he also is buried at the cemetary there along with my aunt rose

          • Rosemary M. Haddock says:

            My mother, Doris Marie Buck, married your grandfather on May 22, 1948. I, Rosemary Marie Buck, was born on February 10, 1948. They divorced on November 23rd,1953 after being separated for two years. I met Bernard and Jackie in 1996. They were kind to me and I was happy to think that I had finally found my biological father. But, he told me that he could not let me leave thinking that I was his child. I was so upset but Jackie tried to tell me that I WAS his child. I left the house feeling extremely sad and now I wish I had stayed to talk with him longer about his relationship with my mother. He must have been a very decent man to keep everyone in his family believing that I was his child. I have been in touch with Joan and Chief Adams. Can you tell me anything about your grandfather and my step-father? Your mother would be my step sister. Would she be willing to e-mail me about the Adams family? Thank you for your time.

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