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  1. Joy Norwood says:

    Seeking knowledge regarding my grandmother Bessie Adams. From Virginia. Desperately needing to know her tribal roots. Some of the things I remember about her is the pipe she smoked and the directional insights from the stars at night. One major star that she focused on.

  2. Jason Floyd says:

    Does anyone still answer questions here??

  3. Jason Floyd says:

    Hi my 4th great Grandfather Governor John Floyd was a VA govnor, and passed that our 9th great grandma was Nicketti ( Ni ki ta) . I even seen a parking meter by art students in your town in her image. She shows as my 9th great grandma. Va history tells some of her history but I can’t find much. Can you please help. Ty very much .. J.Floyd…

    • Upper Mattaponi Indian Tribe says:

      Are you sure you have the right town? This web site is for the Upper Mattaponi. I’ve never heard anyone mention the Nicketti, but perhaps someone else will come along who knows something about them.

  4. Tanya Stroman says:

    Seeking info on my great-grandparents, James E. Walker and Sedonia A. Walker, resided in Bolling Green, VA. I do not know my great-grandmother’s maiden last name. Any relation to the Upper Mattaponi natives? Thanks.

  5. Brenda Devoe says:

    Can you provide information about Agnes Custalow? She is my great, great, great grandmother. Thank you!

    • Susan Costiloe says:

      I believe she is also my ancestor. My gg granfather was raised by Polly Custalow/Costiloe. He was orphaned or abandoned and she is the orphan’s Aunt or sister. His name is John and born before 1817. It was passed down that he was born in Virginia, and then raised by Polly in Mississippi.

  6. Micki says:

    Hello, I believe my grandfather Lonnie Williams, who was born either at end of 1800’s or early 1900’s and lived in Richmond, VA, was of Upper Mattaponi Tribe. We are related to several Kings families in Hanover, possibly from my grandmother’s ancestry. Does anyone have information regarding Lonnie? Thanks.

  7. CAMPBELL says:


  8. Lisa Bell says:

    I believe I am a close decendent of the Mattaponi Tribe. One of my family members has traced us to a Costello (female). I do not have much information other than my grandfather’s last name was Breeden which we believe was added onto. My greatgrandmother (grandfather’s mother ) was full blooded Indian. I favor Mary Langston very much and the name seems familar. I would love to know if anyone can has any information on this. This is all the information that we have and our family is diminishing. Thank you.

    • James almond says:

      Look on Facebook for Cynthia almond Dunn she is my cousin we’re both from the Mattaponi and she might have more information for you

  9. Pamela Acord says:

    I visited the Pow Wow last year and would be very interested in returning this year. I enjoyed learning about your culture. It jas lead me to look further into my heritage. Are you having a Pow Wow again this Memorial Day weekend? Please let me know. Thank you!

  10. Connor says:

    hey yall know me an i just wanna know who manages the website, thats all.

  11. Robert Wigod says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I am an independent academic doing research into Native American Iconography. I am writing to introduce myself to your tribe and ask for assistance in my research. I am beginning a comprehensive analysis of iconography in pre-Columbian America and am trying to locate experts in the iconography [regalia, weaving, architecture and art] of your tribe.

    Could you please refer me to anyone you believe may offer assistance in my research please?

    Robert Wigod
    Houston Texas

  12. Inez Thornton says:

    I remember as a young child growing up in the town of Urbanna in Middlesex County Virginia, how my father Earl Thornton Sr. would often pay visits to see Chief Custalow; as I patiently waited at the entrance of the tent. I understand my fathers’ brother, Walter Thornton was married to a
    Cherokee lady by the name of Ida. I appreciate all help that I can get.

    Thank you
    Inez Thornton

  13. Laneta Hunter says:

    My grandfather disappeared when my mother was very young. His name was David King. I know that I am related to the Custolow’s. Can anyone shed any light on a King connection. Thank you

  14. Many of us out here have ancestry, some very remote, some not so remote from your people. None but the misguided would seek to be members of your tribe without a close living (or rectenly living) connection to you.

    Never the less we are all pulling for you and the other tribes gaining federal recognition in the near future. It is a crime of history that this even necessary as you should have been recognized first by the US as the successor to Great Britain in North America…not last.

    In case your wondering my last VA Indian ancestor lived in a place called Blackwater VA. Minerva Fields B April 1846 D 1920 in Newport News. She was probably associated with the Nottoway. She gave my grandfather this name. His son my father married a woman of Potawatomi extraction. Like scores of others I too have remote ancestry from your people…or so the oral history passed to me says.

  15. Margaret Walker says:

    I would like to thank you for showing everyone here and the world what love for your own people, and respect for the earth is about, no matter what happens.

  16. tracy dostal says:

    My father was mattaponi indian and his mother my grand mother and she was full blooded mattaponi indian

  17. Ernie Worley says:

    I once knew a Mattaponi Lady named Jane Adams, who had an older sister named Rose, and a younger brother named Billy. Haven’t seen or heard from her in over 40 years.

  18. Kandace Newton says:

    my family descended from the mattaponi tribe i’m only 15 years old and i just found this out

    • Gale Savage says:

      Hi Kanace:

      I knew Elizabeth Custalow, who I believe was a relative of yours. I think her maiden name was Newtonand she was Wayne Newton’s Aunt. I haven’t seen her in many years and often think about her but suspect that she has passed on.

      I would appreciate any informtion you could send me about her.

      Thank you.


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