2006 Pow-Wow & Festival

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  1. Dorothy Holland says:

    My daughter has Mattaponi heritage and would like to know how to go about attending pow wows and becoming recognized as a member.

    • Brenda says:

      Make sure you have the right tribe. There’s the Upper Mattaponi (this site) and the Mattaponi. We’re very close, but membership will require you to contact the right one. If you have the right tribe, you’ll need to use the contact info on the contact page. Pow Wows are always posted on our events page as soon as I receive the dates and details.

  2. Dr Paula Yellow Horn says:

    Hi was trying to call you as listed by the number at NCAI and its out of service…we are arranging a conference in Baltimore for mid atlantic tribes… please contact me if your still around thanxs Paula March 12 2014

  3. Mario says:

    I’m bringing a number of photography enthusiasts to this year’s pow-wow. Are there any rules or preferences we should be aware of with respect to photographing participants?


    • bbell says:

      None that I’m aware of, but please check in with the folks at the gate. If you get some good shots you’d like to share, I’d love to showcase them on the blog — with full attribution, of course.


  4. Shanon Vella says:

    would you like my pictures from last year’s pow wow?

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